What does it take to turn an entire industry on its head? What’s involved in rethinking process, billing, communication, and approach?

Ask Dr. Cory Annis. She’s bringing innovation to the patient-client relationship and helping to rethink the future of the healthcare industry. Instead of using technology to make medicine more, faster, cheaper, Dr. Annis is using technology to strength relationships, to create an experience of health, or make healthcare more meaningful for those she serves.

Dr. Annis has chosen to focus her remote medical practice on entrepreneurs. She believes healthier entrepreneurs are more effective entrepreneurs. And that more effective entrepreneurs solve more problems, serve more people, and affect greater change.

She faces a number of obstacles, including well-meaning medical boards, but, because of her beautiful vision, she is determined to make this business work and to create the change that it requires.

Here are some highlights:

  • How did this remote medical practice begin? (1:02)
  • “Private practice doctors are, by nature, entrepreneurs” Click to tweet! (1:35)
  • “Being healthy & being an entrepreneur are sometimes diametrically opposed to one another.” Click to tweet! (2:45)
  • “Each of these monolithic infrastructures have been crushed by the ability of one person to talk to another person.” (5:21)
  • “Not only would I be creating a business for myself but I would be doing my civic duty” (8:20)
  • Tell me more about optimizing the performance of entrepreneurs through health. (18:18)

Pay attention to how a lifetime of experience plus a genuine need created a business. It wasn’t a single moment but a slow genesis of inspiration & need.

The real question that pushed the business forward was the question, “Why can’t I?

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