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Markets are conversations. What are you saying?

Photo by Spyr Media

Photo by Spyr Media

Business today is about conversations. The way you frame the conversations your business has with your potential clients and customers can determine the course of your business: your brand, your reputation, your opportunities, your sales.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to create the kind of content that generates sensational conversation. But the enormity of the opportunity is overwhelming to even the savviest marketers.

  • What kind of content should I create?
  • Where should I post & share the content I create?
  • Why doesn’t my content translate into sales?
  • How can I create content that gets people talking?

The best content–whether written, visual, or experiential–is relevant to your best prospects today and, at the same time, moves them toward becoming your customers of tomorrow.

Creating engaging, meaningful conversation helps your business serve customers, generate more revenue, and work in your zone of genius.

The Workshop

taragentile_speaking3In this half-day workshop, you will learn a framework for creating great content to support your business–whether during a product launch or all year long. Part business workshop, part writing workshop, you’ll present your ideas and bits of sample writing to workshop participants to get real-time feedback from both them and Tara.

  • Learn how markets are really conversations and how you use that to create you-wrote-that-just-for-me content
  • Discover the difference between “buy in” & “buy now” content and how to leverage both
  • Create content that builds desire instead of fear
  • Learn the 4 categories of content that create trust and community, all the while increasing sales
  • Learn the 5 modes of content so that you can apply your new knowledge in a multitude of ways!

Walk away from this workshop with the beginning (or more!) of at least 4 new content pieces that are designed to put money in your pocket while creating a big impact in the lives of your clients & community.

When: August 3 from 9am-1pm
Where: Occasionette, 1825 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia
Who: Small business owners, coaches, designers, developers, nonprofit directors, content marketers, community managers, etc…
Limit: Workshop is limited to 12 participants

Cost: $249

About Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is a business strategist, the creator of the Customer Perspective Process™, and the ambassador of the You Economy. She works with entrepreneurs to create truly social business models and marketing strategies that generate more profit while meaningfully impacting customers & communities. Her work has been featured on Forbes, US News & World Report, BlogHer, The Daily Muse, Women 2.0, Daily Worth, Etsy Labs, and in the NY Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup.

Praise for Tara’s Coaching

“What usually took me months was happening in a few weeks…”

Throughout my time at 10KFeet, the evolution of my business kept unfolding and changing at an incredible rate. What usually took me months was happening in the course of a few weeks. I was revamping systems, developing offers (and a new business), building my team, all while creating the most beautiful websites of my design career. Clarity of purpose will do that.

The clarity and depth offered in 10KFeet is something that I’ve yet to see anywhere else. Tara’s singular in her mastery of digital business and her leadership is something that I aspire to on a daily basis.
— Amanda Farough, Founder & Creative Director of violetminded Media

“More than double the sales…”

Tara Gentile helped me to rewrite a sales page that had been muddling and lackluster, turning it into a sales page that generated more than double the sales and tripling my email list, all within just a few weeks. This investment in my business easily paid for itself in a ridiculously short amount of time.
— Kate Swoboda, Creator of The Coaching Blueprint & Founder of Your Courageous Life

“We can learn a great deal from each other.”

nancysherrI launched my first multimedia book during my time participating in 10ThousandFeet–Tara’s guidance was invaluable. I had lots of ongoing questions, and with her support, I was able to figure out a strategy and launch my book out into the world-–simultaneous of course, to my signature group telecourse. Yes – two, two, two launches in one! Also, I’ve learned lots from other mastermind members in 10ThousandFeet. I’ve realized that we as entrepreners all largely struggle with the same challenges and can learn a great deal from each other.
— Nancy Sherr, Founder of Zestful Life with Nancy Sherr


Do I need to be a good writer to make this work for me?

No! Writing is only one way to create amazing content & support your business. We’ll be focusing on the strategy that you can apply to all sorts of content creation, including visual (think Instagram & Pinterest) or video (think YouTube or Vimeo). You’ll be asked to write & share in the workshop for the sake of ease.

Do I need to have a website to be able to apply this work?

No! There are so many ways to share & develop content online or in your community. We’ll discuss all your options.

Do I need to have something to sell to make this work for me?

No! Creating powerful content can produce all sorts of results: rally people around your cause, generate interest from investors or backers, encourage donation to a fundraiser, etc…

Will I have a plan for continuing this work at home?

Yes! The Content Strategy Framework you’ll create during this workshop can be used over & over again to support product launches, build support for a project, or generally encourage & serve your community.

What do I need to bring?

Feel free to bring a laptop or tablet computer but we’re going low tech for this workshop. A pen & notebook will do just fine.

Will I receive hands-on help?

Yes! The workshop is limited to 12 participants so Tara can offer feedback and ideas to each participant throughout the workshop.