When I first met Gina Kearney & Rob Kenney, they were two masters of their craft–digital marketing strategy for manufacturing businesses–who needed help focusing. They had the know-how, skills, and connections to refine their business and move from controlled chaos to meaningful management, but not the big picture view.

We worked on picking out what really set them apart–a focus on strategy that produces results companies actually care about–and making that the cornerstone of their business model so that they could generate incoming leads beyond mouth-to-mouth referrals.

After 4 months, they had service packages that more accurately represented their unique strengths, messaging that set them apart in a crowded market, and more confidence to tackle the kind of projects that really turn them on.

Concept 5 Case Study

Rob Kenney, Concept 5As the owners of Concept 5, we were guilty of violating our own rules. We routinely said “yes” to any client work, without considering if the engagement made any sense for our company to take on. As a result, we worked with B-to-B and B-to-C brands, with local and national businesses, with agencies and directly with clients.

In short, we lacked focus.

Gina Kearney, Concept 5As big fans of the E-Myth series, we knew our business wasn’t working how we had planned. Sure, we were paying the bills, getting things done and pleasing our clients, but there wasn’t much focus on the big picture, and therefore an inability to scale and grow our business.

As subscribers to Tara’s email, we had admired how astutely she seemed to understand businesses just like ours. All her advice rang true. And so, last summer when the 10ThousandFeet sign-up appeared in the inbox, we took the plunge.

We had taken several coaching or guidance programs and always finished disappointed. But Tara got to the heart of things like no one else. The solid structure of 10ThousandFeet and all of the “homework” drove us to take a long, hard look at Concept 5 and, over time, chart a new course.

And now, we’re heading towards right where we want to go. Thanks to 10ThousandFeet, we have:

  • Sharply defined our most valuable clients; and everything we do speaks directly to them
  • Distilled our core offering down to the work we want to do
  • Created organized service packages, enabling us to streamline our sales and execution processes
  • Completely re-branded the Concept 5 website and sales materials
  • Created a plan to grow our business in a smart, focused, sustainable way

But there’s something even more important than these achievements: we both completed the program feeling excited, energized and recharged. We have the confidence, and now the tools, to meet our objectives and better manage the business that we love.

Working with Gina & Rob on the next phase of Concept 5 has been a real treat. Check out their fresh new website (as well as their award for Best of Long Island: Best Web Services).

If you’re interested in joining out next round of 10ThousandFeet, click here.