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Need to recharge your passion? Want to electrify your profits?

Dear Freelancer, Micro Business Owner, Aspirational Entrepreneur:

Whatever your title, to me, you’re an artist. You are expressing yourself through your Great Work. You are creating & initiating, reflecting & engaging. You use your creativity, talents, and skills to make a difference in the world.

Through your business, you’ve discovered that you really can “be whatever you want when you grow up.”

Now, your business is on the verge: just beginning, just picking up steam, just becoming super profitable. You’re looking for someone to keep pushing you towards the next phase – and beyond.

Work one-on-one with me to gain confidence, feel empowered, be challenged – and rejuvenate your goals.

Our sessions will be all about maintaining your momentum, creating sustainable business practices, and breaking down your barriers to success. We might examine your pricing, community building initiatives, email marketing, product development, or missed opportunities. Or we might create a strategic plan for the next phase of business growth.

I’m work with passionate, motivated, and just a little crazy (read: super smart) creative entrepreneurs. Is that you? Hello? You might be a writer, a coach, a wellness expert, a college professor, an artist. It doesn’t matter so much what you do but how you do it: with gusto.


I am so motivated to create right now. I am not getting sleep there’s so much is coming out of my brain.

I truly am so grateful you agreed to be my “business therapist.” You are just what the doctor ordered.

Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT, Disordered Eating & Trauma Specialist

I will hone your ideas, boost your self-awareness & self-confidence, build your influence, power your productivity, and grow your profits to new heights.

You’ll leave our sessions with actionable ideas and a game plan for future growth.


Tara is like your Fairy God Mother, but BETTER! She doesn’t work on the surface, but digs real deep, to the point of discomfort even, which shockingly helped me admit + forgive + untangle all the messiness that wasn’t allowing me to move forward, from good to great.
Tara’s laser sharp vision + strategic pragmatism is core-shaking + so empowering. My session with Tara is single handedly the wisest move I’ve made for my creative business.
Mayi Carles

Accepting new private & small group clients in January 2012!

  • You tell me what’s working for you right now. I ask probing questions to find out what’s really going on. We’ll unearth strengths you didn’t know you possessed.
  • You share what’s getting you down. I reframe your problems into assets. We’ll craft strategies to help you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t.
  • You tell me what’s at the surface. I dig deep. We move through the layers of your business to apply the total You to what you produce.

You’ll leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated with a fresh perspective on your business and your Great Work – and with a better understanding of the transactional value of that Work. You’ll receive my Digging Deep questionnaire before we start and you’ll have a Tactical Action Plan worksheet to complete following our sessions.

One-on-one Business Coaching

In 2012, I am working with entrepreneurs who are looking for intentional and intensive growth. To facilitate this, you will have 3 hour-long sessions with me per month. 3 weeks on, one week off.

You’ll also have access to a private group area where coaching clients interact with me and your peers to help catalyze your success.

The cost per month is $850.
You can commit to one month or commit to long-term coaching (4 months) for a reduced rate of $777 per month.

I can serve up to 4 one-on-one clients per month. New clients start the first week of the month.

Group Business Coaching

I adore working with groups. I believe that opening yourself & your business to the eyes of others helps to keep you more accountable and forces you to be honest about your strengths & weaknesses.

Group coaching (up to 12 people) is just as intensive as one-on-one coaching but is built around core curricula and aimed at different levels of entrepreneurs to ensure that the participants of the group are well-suited for mutual progress.

I can also create a custom curriculum for a group that you put together (minimum of 4 participants).

Opportunities for group coaching will be announced regularly in 2012. Sign up below to receive first word about registration!

2-3 groups per month.

Invitation Only + Inside Track Updates

Due to demand, individual & small group coaching is available by invitation only. Don’t worry – this isn’t a scary process. Just sign up below and you’ll find out when I have openings for new private clients and when I have new small group coaching opportunities available.

I’ll also share raw, honest insights from my own business experience with you about twice a month in my “Inside Track Updates” to keep you on your toes. Something we all need a little more of!


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Vianza has named me to their “Master List” of creative business coaches. I’m thrilled to be on this list with 4 of my favorite people. If I’m not a good fit for you, someone on this list just might be!

Start Ups and Corporations

Does your business need a hand understanding the rise of DIY culture? Is your product geared to women who want it all – and want to figure it out for themselves? Have you considered the unique challenges of a generation that values authenticity, quality, and compassion in all aspects of life?

I can help.

I will help you hone your message to reach an important sector of the American economy.

Email me for more information.