When I decided to never return to my job at a now bankrupt bookstore chain, I did so because I never wanted to settle for using any less than my full potential.

When I decided to quit courting advertisers, give up on web design, and stop playing the business-as-usual game, I did so because I never wanted to settle for engaging any less than my full genius.

I want work that is fueled by the full extent of my capabilities. I want to make money – beautifully – by serving people with all of my personal brilliance.

I had to build a thriving business to do that.

That’s what I wake up to every day.

Why don’t you?

You assume your brilliance isn’t worth much. You assume what you have is nothing people will ever pay for.

You assume that your ideas are a dime a dozen. You assume that the people who “get it” are hard to reach.

Worst of all, you assume you need to build some other kind of business before you can unleash your full genius to the world.

Your assumptions are wrong.

The tools aren’t the problem. The access isn’t the problem. The economy isn’t the problem. The problem is that you assume this is hard — scary, even. You have been – to this point, today – unwilling to apply ease & integrity as a framework for building the business of your dreams.

Holding on to the assumptions that keep you from building that business means others are losing out on your work. Your genius. Your ideas. Your perspective. Your vision.

You are out of excuses. What do you have to lose by claiming the work that will make your heart sing & your world a better place?

Claim it.

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