Do you have a great plan? Something that really should be working… but it’s just not? There’s a good chance that you ignored a key asset when you created your plan.

That was the case with Catherine Just.

On paper, her plan looked great. She was well known for a popular telesummit, the Soul*Full Summit, where she’d interviewed people like don Miguel Ruiz, Danielle LaPorte, SARK, and Chris Brogan. She had a set of courses that brought in rave reviews.

But she was drained. Both financially and creatively, her business wasn’t working for her. When she completed her Onlyness Inventory, she realized that she was ignoring a key capital asset in her business: her skill as a fine art photographer. It was the drive to create art and to help others do the same that could guide her business to success.

She’s now embarking on creating a series of offers that support her fine art photography, leverage her strengths, and ignore the “supposed to’s” that weren’t working for her.

Catherine Just - fine art photographerDuring the 10ThousandFeet program I was able to identify and create a new vision for my business. Tara saw it first and held that space for me while I gathered the courage to rise to the occasion.

I stopped following the online entrepreneurial crowd and started to trust my own inner compass. I changed my website to reflect this new direction. My offerings shifted. I created a free ebook of photography tips for my email opt-in incentive. I received rave reviews for it.

I now offer high-end photo sessions with an award-winning team. I photograph high-profile professional speakers, authors, artists, rock stars and thought leaders (like Tara Gentile, Kate Northrup, Danielle Laporte and Miguel Ruiz ) for their websites and PR materials.

I’m also creating new fine art photography work that will be featured throughout the web and will be shown in galleries.

I’m creating a mentoring program called Empowered Photographer that will both empower people to use their cameras with more confidence and allow me to personally coach them to create a body of work they’re proud of. Participants will show their final images in an online photo exhibition and have a book published with all the work.

What I learned in 10Thousandfeet? I learned to unlearn my own ways of doing business! They weren’t working. I decided to do every thing Tara suggested and so far have been amazed at the results.

I’m so much more confident and less stressed out. I’ve stopped pushing and striving. I use specific methods to figure out what my clients really want and need and what I have that can serve them while building a business that works for me. It’s not a cookie cutter marketing program with one size fits all.

I’ve been able to create a unique business while having a busy life as artist and mom to my 5 year old son who has special needs. I get to thrive. I get to create my art in the way that makes my heart sing and helps others do the same. It’s a win win.

Find out more about Catherine’s work and watch her business evolve by visiting her website.

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