You’re passionate about what you do, you love your product, and you know your offer is capable of making many people’s lives better.

But you can’t convince people they should care about your business, your product, or your offer.

Your customers already care about a lot of things. They care about the way they’re feeling (either good or bad). They care about their families, their work lives, or their communities. They care about how much money is in their wallets and they care about how many tasks are on their to-do lists.

The burden is not on your customer to add one more thing that she cares about to her plate.

The burden is on you. A good marketer and a visionary business owner sees how what she cares about is related to what her customers care about already.

It’s a whole menu of opportunities—feel free to order a la carte.

When you connect your value message to what’s already on the minds of your best prospects, the things that affect their loved ones, and the things that keep them healthy, happy, and thriving, they’ll be much more likely to understand why your offer is something to care about.

If your prospects don’t share the same enthusiasm for your work as you do, stop and ask yourself if you’ve connected what you love to what they’re already loving. Make the mental leap a short one.