How much more is possible when you build a business on your strengths? Today, meet 2 10ThousandFeet alumna who are finding out. Meet Christine, who has made the shift from freelancing to true business ownership, from hustling to ease. And then meet Natasha, who has created a system for earning more than she possibly could trading her time for money.

Christine Thatcher, founder & creative director of Christine Marie Studio

ChristineMarieStudio-AboutI used to refer to myself as a freelance web designer. I was the one always working hard on what’s right in front of me, without time to think about to what and where I wanted to be 6 months from now. Tara’s reference to “getting out in front of my business” hooked me.

Having been a “freelancer” off and on the last 20 years, I wasn’t sure if this was possible. I’d never achieved it.

Now, on the other side of 10ThousandFeet, I’m beginning to experience it. During the course of the mastermind:

  • I rebranded my business under a name I liked better.
  • I have created a business model that works for me. I no longer feel compelled to do things a certain way, just because everyone else does.
  • The Customer Perspective Process™ helped me get inside my client’s head and understand what she’s thinking and feeling. I’ve tailored my offerings to be more relevant to what she needs.
  • I wrote an “about” story that feels true to me. As a result, I’ve gotten several notes of encouragement from potential strategic partners and booked a new client who identified with my story. (Understand that I used to stare at the screen for days, trying to write about myself and it never felt “right”. Tara and Brigette’s formula made it an almost effortless process and I did it in one evening.)
  • I recognized where I could leverage my time further, created a job description and hired a second administrative team member.
  • I’m looking forward to implementing referral and communication strategies, many of which came directly out of coaching calls with Tara and Brigitte.

I now say that I own a web design studio. I have a legit business with dedicated team, I am no longer an overworked freelancer. By shifting my perspective and delegating away what I don’t enjoy, I have more energy for the parts I really love and where I can make the biggest impact. I’m working less, more-focused hours, designing for clients that inspire me.

I’m grateful for the effort that went into creating a mastermind packed so full of value, tools and lessons relevant to my business right now.

The heart of Christine’s business transformation was based on getting clear on her strengths: she feels most masterful creating immersive web experiences for her clients, not branding or business strategy. She also got clear on her goals and how her strengths support her in those goals. After plenty of back & forth, we crafted a business model plan that would give her the time off she craves and the income she desires.

For Christine, leverage isn’t so much about “passive” income but income that is based on her working at the highest levels of mastery and finding others to do the work that drains her. And in the end, that creates a much better experience for her clients.

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Natasha Vorompiova, founder of Systems Rock

natashavorompiovaI am eternally grateful to 10ThousandFeet–to Brigitte and Tara.

When I first started my online business, I got hooked on buying one online program after another, trying to fill the huge gaps in my knowledge of how to grow it. Then I got completely overwhelmed and torn between all the contradictory advice.

It was so frustrating to have this amazing vision but to be stuck in this giant gap between where my business was and where I wanted it to be.

I felt so inadequate. . .especially because I’m a systems person! I create systems for my clients every day. Why, then, couldn’t I get my own business together?!

When Brigitte mentioned that she and Tara were accepting applications for 10ThousandFeet, I was immediately intrigued.

After three months in the course, I emerged with an even more precise sense of where I wanted my business to be heading. Even better, I learned exactly how to make my vision a reality.

Having gone through Tara’s Customer Perspective Process,™ I learned precisely whom I need to be targeting, with what messages and what kind of offering will help them get to their goals faster. With Tara’s help I mapped out the plan of action and with Brigitte’s guidance, an outreach strategy.

I’ve never felt so grounded and in control. The painful tension between all that conflicting advice has dissolved, and information overload is a thing of the past.

There is so much ease when you’re running a business in this way! I feel so inspired as I take each and every step to transforming my vision into a reality.

Natasha is finally creating her own system for revenue growth. She’s working on two leveraged income offers that pinpoint both the results her clients want and how they want to be served. She’s building on her strengths–analysis and systems–to create a model that will serve her & her customers infinitely better than a 1:1 service model.

That said, offering those more leveraged offers means that she can position her 1:1 service at a higher level, attracting clients that excite and challenge her, pushing her further & further into her realm of mastery.

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