When I decided to create my newest digital program, The Art of Action, I knew I didn’t have all the puzzle pieces to really teach the lessons I wanted to teach. So I embarked on some research.

I worked with 4 books to put statistics & strategy to my ideas.

Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

Making Ideas Happen is an infomercial for Belsky’s Action Method. But it’s the kind of infomercial you start watching and can’t look away from because you’re are actually learning while you’re being sold.

That being said, Belsky isn’t really selling a product – other than snazzy notebooks you can use to document the actions you want to take. What he is doing, though, is selling the idea that action is critical to creativity, to creating. Say no more, I’m sold.

Drive by Daniel Pink

What I’ve found in talking to hobbyists & creative entrepreneurs alike is that those that don’t act are missing a few essential pieces of the motivation puzzle.

In Drive, Pink communicates a 21st century, new economy view of what motivates us. He explores internal & external motivation, autonomy, and challenge. His conclusions were both eye-opening and deeply familiar. I’m looking forward to delving into motivation in The Art of Action.

Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron

I have a piece of paper that proves I can look at any situation through the lens of religion. So it was a no-brainer that I would involve the work of Pema Chodron in my search for understanding what makes people move, act, and create.

In Taking the Leap, Chodron analyzes the anger, blame, and fear that can surround our inability to move forward. Because many creative people are paralyzed by these feelings, her insight has provided a valuable framework for me to teach how to overcome those feelings & create the action they desire.

I also found her lecture “Unconditional Confidence” quite enlightening – forgive the pun.

Poke the Box by Seth Godin

I was lucky enough to score an advance copy Poke the Box. It’s the first release from Godin’s new venture The Domino Project.

I can’t say much about it yet. But I can say that no one says it quite like Godin!

If you’d like to learn more about the ideas in these books in a community environment with exclusive coaching & teaching, check out The Art of Action.

PS If you’d like to learn more about my philosophy & technique when it comes to digital teaching, check out my interview with Ainslie Hunter of Courses that Matter.