Your Business is Ready for a Blockbuster


Apple had the iPhone. Oprah had O Magazine. Netflix had Orange is the New Black.

What’s your next blockbuster product? Maybe you have an inkling, maybe you have an idea, and maybe you haven’t got a clue. That’s where Tara can help.

Tara has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help create, market, and launch brand new products that make more money with less pain. She believes in going to market fast and using creative selling to make money quickly, all while developing better products that help more people.[/thst_one_half][thst_one_half_last]workshop[/thst_one_half_last]
Are you…

  • Starting a new business and looking to create your first offering?
  • Looking to grow your business by creating a new offering?
  • Or trying to figure out whether your product idea is the right one to pursue now?

In this workshop, you’ll learn Tara’s process for:

  • identifying the best product ideas
  • taking your idea to market as quickly as possible to start making money now
  • and refining the product to create something that sells easily over the long haul

You’ll also learn the difference between creative and critical selling and how to earn money—instead of lose it—during the product development process.

You’ll receive feedback directly from Tara and coaching on how to improve your product and what to look for during your critical selling period.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants so that everyone can get individual attention.

Who: aspiring & seasoned business owners
Where: Occasionette in South Philly
1825 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
When: August 14, 9am-11:30am
Investment: $295

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