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When I sit down with friends for coffee, a drink, or a hearty beef stew – just kidding, don’t like beef stew – no matter how hard I try, it always comes back to business.

Maybe they tell me about something that’s not working. Maybe they tell me something they’re unclear on. Maybe we just chat about the state of “things.”

I ask a question. And then another. Soon I’m on a roll.

This is what I love. The in-the-moment state of figuring things out. Not me – but them. They’re figuring things out as we talk. They’re learning that they have the answers already.

I just unlock them.

I tease out what’s just below the surface. Unnoticed. Undeveloped.

I love it. This isn’t “work” for me in the sloggish, not fun, assembly line sense. This is work for me in that I feel like an artist while I’m doing it.

I pick up my chisel and I carve out the ideas, clarity, or spark that was already there.

I created The Art of Earning LIVE to bring that experience to you. Yes, we’re doing it live & in person in Philly. But we’re also bringing to you – wherever you are – through a private LiveStream broadcast.

Grab a coffee or glass of wine and let me unleash your own business wisdom.

Join me for The Art of Earning LIVE — Virtual Ticket.