The Art of Digital Merchandising: How to Make a Big Impact With Your Ideas (and sell more, too!)


Think about the last time you strolled past a beautiful window display–and then turned on a dime to look again.

taragentile_speaking3Was it a single product that caught your eye? Maybe a story being told in a single scene? Maybe it was the colors, a juxtaposition of textures, or something out of the ordinary.

The attention-grabbing, the sudden interest, the wave of understanding: that’s merchandising.

But what is done so well in department stores, catalogs, and window displays is probably missing from your business.

You have big ideas, bold execution, and evolutionary products & services. But do your potential customers “get it?” Do they turn on a dime to check out what you’re offering?

If the answer is no, you’re in good company. I’m tired of seeing brilliance passed by because of poor “digital merchandising.”

So I’m leading a free training call on how to make a big impact with you ideas (and sell more, too!). You’ll learn:

  • How to access social information about your customers in your own brain
  • How to use that social information to better position your products & services
  • How to get faster “buy in” from your customers to lead to more “buy now”

Communication that works, ideas that spread, and sales that skyrocket: that’s the power of digital merchandising.

Wednesday, May 15 at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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About Tara Gentile

Origin Photo by Regina MillerTara is a business strategist who guides You Economy entrepreneurs in creating businesses that make a big impact without the constant hustle. She’s the creator of The Customer Perspective Process and the founder of Kick Start Labs. She’s been featured in US News & World Report, The $100 Startup, Grow Your Handmade Business, DailyWorth, and Design*Sponge.