It’s been quite a while since I posted here. In that time, I’ve been working on major guest posts, working through an ecourse on DIY website design, and taking some time to reconnect with myself.

Also, in that time, I reached a huge milestone for my business: my first 5 figure month.

In this video, I describe the 4 factors that went into this success with the hopes that you’ll apply them to your business.

1.) Build a broad product library.

  • Are addressing a variety of needs for your target audience?
  • Have you created products at a variety of price points?
  • Are your products or services easy to purchase?

2.) Grow a dynamic & engaged email list.

  • What can you offer for free as incentive for an email sign up?
  • What can you deliver in weekly or biweekly commitments to your email list to keep it fresh?
  • How can you ask for subscriber feedback & input to create a personalized feeling?

3.) Meet the demands of your customers.

  • What else are you current customers demanding of you?
  • What need could you address tomorrow but have chosen not to?
  • How can you turn this into an opportunity to create massive growth in your business?

4.) Increase your influence.

  • Are you projecting a persona of authority in your niche?
  • What separates you from the best of the best?
  • Who is your target audience and where do they hang out?

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