Finish With Focus,

Start With A Plan

Your 2018 success depends on the action you take over the next 4 months.

Now that you’ve established your business and developed smart systems, it takes longer to steer your ship. You can see big opportunities for growth but, to get there, you’ll need to really concentrate your effort and refine your focus.

For the first time in over 3 years, I’m opening a few spots on my calendar for 1:1 business coaching and mentorship. I’d love to help guide you in making the most of the final quarter of the year so you can set the stage for success in 2018.

Together, we’ll assess your needs, find your focus, and put a plan in place to create your 2018 momentum—before 2017 is even over. You’ll feel confident and excited about the year to come and the business you’re creating.

This is a rare opportunity to look ahead and plan ahead. I’ll help you create the space you need to set aside the daily grind and prepare for a bigger impact and a bigger bank account.

Wondering if this is exactly what you’ve been looking for? 

We’re likely a perfect fit if your goals include at least 1 of the following:

  • Streamlining your business model so you can focus your efforts and resources on creating the biggest results
  • Disrupting your business model—or even your industry—with an innovative way to offer the work you do
  • Removing the bottleneck in your business (you) while you empower the people who work with you and get back to your own zone of genius
  • Creating a systematic marketing plan to reach brand new audiences and convert many more lookers into buyers
  • Pivoting your business to a new offer, audience, or positioning without losing the momentum you’ve created already
  • Finding your role as leader and CEO instead of CWD (Chief Work Doer)

We’ll start with a comprehensive assessment of where you’re at right now. I’ll learn everything I can about what’s worked, what’s hasn’t, and what has fallen by the wayside. It might feel uncomfortable at first but, when we’re done, you’ll have a whole new look your accomplishments so far and the paths you might take into the future.

Then, we’ll examine your goals and prioritize them based on a single focus. You’ll start to see how your effort and projects can work together in a way you’ve never seen before.

Then, we’ll start to pull back the layers on your goal to create a robust plan for 2018. You’ll conduct initial experiments, do the necessary research, and lay the groundwork.

As I mentioned, it’s been years since I’ve offered this level of support to individual business owners. But the work I’ve done with my own company this year has allowed me the opportunity to carve out this time to work with you.

There are 2 ways we can work together to complete 2017 and set the stage for 2018 to be your best year yet:

4-Month Coaching & Mentorship Package: We’ll meet for 60 minutes 2 times per month, September through December. Plus, you’ll also get 1 60-minute kickoff call in January 2018. In between sessions, you’re welcome to email or text me for additional support, to check in, or with questions that just can’t wait!

1-day Intensive: You and I will huddle up for 1 full 8-hour day to assess, plan, and strategize. You’ll also receive 1 month of email or text support plus the 60-minute kickoff call in January 2018.

The investment for either option is $10,000.

The 4-month package can be paid in 4 payments of $2500. The 1-day Intensive is paid in a $4000 to book your time and $6000 due within 7 days of our scheduled session.

You’ll also receive 1 year of the CoCommercial Leaders Circle ($799 value) and a discount on my Montana retreat in June, if you’d like to join us.

Praise for me & my work:

“Tara is a natural leader with ambitious influence. Our entire team respects and admires her ability to drive results. I love that Tara is part of our world!”

— Sally Hogshead, New York Times Bestselling Author of Fascinate

“Before Quiet Power Strategy, I was focused on creating courses to leverage my knowledge and build my business – just like everyone else.

After years of hearing, “don’t trade time for money”, it had gotten in my head that one-on-one services just weren’t the way to grow a profitable business – even though I loved working in long term relationships with individual clients.

QPS taught me how to be more intentional about the design of my business, to leverage my unique strengths and create an insanely profitable business model, even though what I wanted to do was outside of mainstream trends. 

Within weeks of starting QPS, I had quadrupled my rates and after 4 months, I had made the entire previous year’s revenue.”

— Rita Barry, Web Designer & Digital Strategist

“As Lead Content Producer I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens and dozens of world-class instructors and specifically with Tara Gentile on three different CreativeLive workshops.  I can say without doubt she is TOP-NOTCH.  Tara possesses this uncanny ability to authentically connect with her students, empowering them with real, actionable tools to help them overcome their obstacles to achieve success.  Although Tara might be teaching lessons to an audience of thousands, each student feels as if the instruction is customized specifically to them and their goals…that is something an instructor manifests or doesn’t…and Tara has it.  With a combination of altruism, strength, inspiration, and most of all strong knowledge and experience working with solo-preneurs, and small business owners Tara’s effect on her students is infectious and inspiring.”

— Michael Karsh, former Lead Content Producer for CreativeLive, co-founder of Edios Media

“As a consultant and trainer, she doesn’t just go off of her own experience, or the experience of past clients, but also does deep industry research and brings that insight back to her audience in a way that makes SENSE and is totally actionable.”

— Jessica Mehring, Founder of Horizon Peak Consulting & The Content Lab

I want to be clear: this is not a get-results-fast coaching offer.

You might earn more quickly or shave time off your schedule with ease. But it’s likely that the work we do together is just the beginning of a long-term sea change in how you do business.

What I’ve seen in my own life and business is that the best stuff doesn’t come from learning something new but from changing the very foundation of how I personally approach my company, my work, and my mission. While the results take time, they are incredibly rewarding and sustainable.

There likely isn’t a single “nugget” of wisdom you need to claim and create the next stage of your business. Instead, you have an opportunity to see things in a new way that allow you to fully utilize your own talent and skill as an entrepreneur and business owner. 

That–plus detailed game-planning–is exactly what we’ll do together.

This is the work I want to do with you this year to set you up for your best possible 2018. I want to help you transform the way you approach your business so that you can have more confidence in every decision you make and more intention in every action.

If that sounds like the way you want to start 2018, click below to submit an application for one of the openings I have available. We’ll schedule a “perfect fit” call as soon as possible and then mutually determine whether we want to move forward.

Click here to apply for 1:1 business coaching.