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“…Less time wasted on guesswork.”

I now understand far more about the ideal clients for my work and what makes my work a good fit for them, and as a result I’m not just guessing about what will work and hoping for the best when I market a new offering. Yes, increased sales have been part of this, but more importantly for me has been the increased confidence and ease in the marketing process, as well as having more energy, with less time wasted on guesswork. I also see how I’m interacting with more people who are exactly right for my work, and I love that understanding what Tara teaches in 10ThousandFeet means that the people using my offerings get even more value, too..
— Kate Swoboda, Creator of The Coaching Blueprint & Founder of Your Courageous Life

“Never felt so energized & inspired by my own mission.”

Natasha Vorompiova10ThousandFeet has been an incredible experience. You’ve delivered on every promise you’ve made. I’ve never felt so grounded, focused and clear on the direction I am taking my business in. I’ve never felt so energized and inspired by my own mission. I’m grateful beyond words.